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Our European based team of experts develops and delivers healthcare engagement solutions for all non-US markets.

In today’s digital world, healthcare professionals (HCPs) are increasingly turning to web and mobile resources for medical education and health information. Now is the time to leverage this opportunity to engage your targets in key messages and create key moments of value.

The European team is helping clients transform digital models with multi-channel marketing solutions that build brands, increase share of mind, and empower better decision making among their target audiences--resulting in better outcomes.

Our Approach

Offering complete end-to-end support from insight to outcome.

  • Insight and Strategy

    Insight & Strategy

    Ensure your multi-channel marketing campaigns align with local customer needs - our millions of data points on HCP behavior across multiple segments inform successful plan development.

  • Trusted Engagement

    Trusted Engagement

    Engage your targets while they’re in a learning mindset—we offer exclusive access to the world’s largest HCP network, Univadis, providing a comprehensive suite of clinically relevant resources including medical news, conference reports, references, textbooks and online education modules.

  • Analytics and Outcomes

    Analytics & Outcomes

    Optimise your approach—centralised analysis of both global and local data points illustrates the success of your campaigns, their projected value, and opportunities for improvement.

Engaging HCPs at key moments of value.

Every day, healthcare providers around the world engage in our Univadis® platform — the largest online HCP community on the planet — for access to credible, highly relevant medical content.

Today, you can engage your target audience in your key messages and support better decision making by leveraging this rich platform:

  • Available to over 3.5 million doctors across 63 specialties 20 languages and 90 markets.
  • Yields over 100,000 daily insights on HCP trends and behaviors to help to shape multi-channel marketing campaigns.
  • Web and mobile environments ensure information is available whenever and wherever it’s needed​.


What's really driving a doctor's decision?

This new report from Aptus Health reveals attitudes and behaviors of more than 2,000 physicians and life sciences executives.

  • 2,000 HCPs share which company offers the most value outside of medication — see how you rank.
  • Discover what’s really competing for your targets' time and attention.
  • Understand the EU physician digital and technology trends based on the latest analytics from Univadis, crucial insight for mapping your future MCM campaigns.

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