Your partner for Multichannel Engagement

Our Mission

Better Together

Aptus Health is on a mission to dynamically connect health and life sciences companies with healthcare professionals, healthcare consumers, and other members of the healthcare ecosystem. We do this by offering timely, relevant resources and information presented in meaningful and compelling ways—with the goal of supporting optimal care decisions and achieving improved outcomes for all.

We partner with our clients to design data-driven engagement solutions based on our unique set of digital channels, destinations, and tools, and swiftly evolve these models based on real-world dynamics. 

The result: an effective, efficient approach that offers our clients greater audience insights, higher market awareness, and improved outcomes.

In short, we’re better together.

Our Vision

The Future of Healthcare Engagement

Our vision is to transform the way the healthcare industry engages with professional and consumer audiences in the face of nearly constant change. By serving as true engagement architects on behalf of our clients, we will continue to evolve the products, solutions, and insights they need to reach, inform, educate and solve the needs of all key stakeholders.

Meanwhile, we're enhancing and deepening our understanding of the behaviors, preferences, and beliefs of these varied audiences and applying these insights to integrated campaigns that support important health and business goals.

Here are some examples of how we’re tackling the future, today.

Our History

For nearly a decade, Aptus Health has evolved and grown to address the changing needs of our clients and our industry. That's led to the coordinated, data-driven, deeply engaging approach we take.  

Click through the below timeline to see how that history has shaped our success.









  • Company launches as Physicians Interactive (PI)
  • Acquires technology platform that has evolved into our full-service eSampling platform 
  • Acquires Skyscape, a leading mobile medical information provider


  • Launches innovative sponsored physician resource within ePrescribing systems


  • Acquires a leading interactive patient-physician communication platform – which has evolved into our Patient Feedback solution 


  • Acquires Quantia, a U.S. engagement platform powered by an award-winning web and mobile HCP community
  • Company rebrands as Aptus Health


  • Neustar and Tomorrow Networks form strategic partnership to build rich consumer segmentation strategies into mobile campaigns

A World of Expertise

Partner with a global team of experts—from the former pharma executives who have been in your shoes to the operational teams who know what success looks like and how to measure it.


Our seasoned leadership team has its finger on the pulse of today’s healthcare trends. Their strategic direction delivers what our clients need to succeed today… and tomorrow.