Advanced Analytics

Today’s pharma marketer has the power to leverage data in ways that enhance targeting and engagement— and ultimately outcomes. Through statistical analyses, data mining, predictive analytics, machine learning, artificial intelligence, geographic information systems and more, we’re bringing insights to life for our clients.

Our advanced analytics suite, AptusAI, offers a unique approach to predicting and influencing the behaviors of healthcare audiences based on our own array of digital channels and proprietary databases. Through our in-house capabilities, we systematically capture and apply analysis to deliver real-world solutions that engage audiences in context.

The Result: Efficient, effective engagement programs that deliver measurable impact on our clients' awareness, education, and adherence objectives.


Through the millions of digital engagements we’ve had through our platforms, we've gained insights on the preferences that individual HCPs have for certain topics, types of content, formats, and tactics.

Our in-house data scientists apply Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning techniques to perform content searches based on client needs (e.g. disease, brand, molecule), then analyze HCPs' affinity with the different content topics and types to develop relevant, straightforward HCP insights.

This more personalized approach to engagement works. In fact, across dozens of recent campaigns powered by our strategic analytics techniques, we've measured a median Rx lift of 3.8%, with an average ROI of 3.7:1.

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Mobile has changed the way savvy marketers target their audiences. Through a combination of proprietary mobile data, observational data gained through our billions of interactions, and integration with relevant third-party sources, we're able to hyper-target to specific locations and deliver branded messages to consumer and HCP audiences when and where they are likely to be making healthcare decisions.

Plus, we can use the insights we gain through these campaigns – such as how people who have the same chronic condition make different lifestyle choices – to develop and use personas for refined audience segmentation and more contextualized messaging.

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True patient engagement requires a real understanding of an individual’s real healthcare challenges.

With access to up to 400 fields of pharmacy claim data, we’re able to develop and deliver real-time, personalized prescription support based on actual pharmacy events. All through the channel that most people rely on the most – mobile.

Our mobile patient engagement solutions let our clients be the hero for the people they serve – using data-driven approaches to help patients stay on their branded medication despite prescription reversals, cost concerns, forgetfulness, and other common barriers to adherence.

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For all the power that digital and mobile advertising offers, marketers are right to have concerns around the validity and transparency of such campaigns.

Our standard measurement protocol utilizes a test-and-control matched pair methodology, known to be both repeatable and reproducible. Our measurement methodology is specifically designed to objectively isolate the impact of our campaign against a brand’s other promotional activities – making it easier to understand its true value.

For transparency into our Tomorrow Networks mobile ad campaigns, our CommandCenter™ reporting dashboard gives our clients real-time insight by geography, condition, creative assets, and more. This allows for mid-stream insights and data-driven recommendations to optimize performance.

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