Life Sciences Companies

We partner with biopharmaceutical, medical device, and other life sciences companies of all sizes—around the globe—to increase awareness, education, and appropriate use of their products and services. Plus, we work with healthcare communication agencies to bring their clients the innovative engagement solutions and audience insights that set them apart in the market.

Whether it’s promoting a new therapy or indication, supplementing a field force, covering 'whitespace' prescribers, or increasing brand awareness and knowledge among healthcare audiences, our end-to-end solutions deliver results at scale.

Our multichannel engagement solutions include:

Lifecycle management

Our integrated campaigns promote your messages through a mix of deep and lighter, more frequent engagements; through our partnership with Frontline Medical Communications, we offer the market’s most diverse HCP affinity network of high-value, highly-respected channels

Virtual field force and non-personal promotion

Our multichannel approach scales to engage audiences sales reps can’t reach, as well as supplement rep visits to ensure HCPs have access to relevant information when it’s convenient for them

Formulary optimization solutions

Combining clinical alerts with geo-targeted mobile messaging promotes formulary status messages to both HCP and healthcare consumer audiences in ways that drive awareness and growth

Strategic digital marketing consulting

Based on client objectives and inputs, we apply our engagement expertise to recommend the optimal channel mix—and when appropriate, design campaigns that address these recommendations

Engaging Healthcare Providers: The how, the when, and why it matters

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Health Systems

The healthcare landscape is shifting, as more healthcare professionals affiliate with increasingly restrictive health systems that are taking on greater financial risk.

We’re helping engage both HCPs and the patients they serve with innovative tools that help address these challenges today, with an eye towards how these relationships will look in the future in an industry as dynamic as healthcare.

  • Formulary optimization solutions that help patients and their prescribers identify the most cost-effective therapy that’s right for them
  • Awareness campaigns that engage HCPs in meaningful dialogue on clinical and practice management topics that drive decision making
  • Peer-to-peer communities that drive meaningful engagement on health and practice management topics
Adults who have seen pharma ads at the doctor’s office or pharmacy are 84% more likely to discuss the ad with their healthcare provider, and 68% more likely to ask their doctor to prescribe a specific product

Source: “Point of Care: Why Care?” prepared by Kantar Media for the Point of Care Communications Council


As the healthcare ecosystem evolves, so do the opportunities we have to engage with key audiences. We’ve established strategic partnerships with leading organizations to expand our reach and increase the value of our offerings—both to our clients and to the healthcare professionals, patients, and healthcare consumers they serve.

Here are just a few of the organizations with which we partner:

Electronic Medical Record companies

“Partnering with Aptus Health is just one more way we’re helping providers smartly use technology to make their office more efficient while making their lives easier and better serving their patients.” 

Brian O’Neill, president and CEO of Office Ally

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